So I Am Going to Write a Blog?

So I am going to start writing a BLOG? Sure, it’s easy says the website manager. She can give me all the tools except for the inspiration. “Ok, I say” with my eyes wide closed. I have been taking Marla Sarles writing class, so I should be ready to pour my soul out to countless numbers of strangers on the Internet, right?

The real question lies in what if someone I actually know reads it? They might find out how crazy I really am. I suppose if they actually know me they know that my interests range from Astrology to X+Y=Z. And they know I am still searching for a more normal Y and Z to believe in.

At any rate it is time to face my fear of writing head on and share the truth. About 20 years ago some amateur psychic read a past life of mine as a famous writer in the colonial American Days. I wasn’t considered a very nice girl for making my witchy opinions known, in public no less. Not really having ever been exposed to the concept of past lives before this times I thought it might be a good idea to avoid writing. This would surely keep me safe from the inevitable karma of having my foot crushed by a horse pulling the wagon under which my only child was pinned. Fast forward to 2015 and I have forgiven the horse, and the son (who incidentally is a grown woman now, huh?) This is all it takes to free myself from such a dastardly end.

Somehow the fear of writing has magically vanished. But they forgot to tell me how darn much work it was going to be.

So hitching my “horse” to a new North Star I have turn to my iPad to continue to pursue my mission to form community by having a good time and being of service. Oh, please let me know if I ever say anything useful. Or at the very least humorous.
Blessing from the Blogging Bodisatva

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