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drugs like viagra and cialis work by fifth what year appove viagra Feng Shui (wind and water) is the ancient art of bringing people into harmony with their environments. The objective is to create well-being for both.

side effects of viagra drug card Consultations involve a brief interview and home or office visitation to assess which of the nine areas of life concern the client feels need adjustment. The client will receive a follow-up report detailing recommendations (cures). The client can make these changes on their own or arrange for further assistance.

source Feng Shui can be used to enhance the following:

  • Health and well-being
  • Relationships
  • Career
  • Marketing
  • Real estate sales or purchases
  • Building or remodeling
  • Life transitions
  • Overall life contentment
  • Abundance Basic Assessment 1-2 hours
One on-site visit with recommendations for adjustments. Includes a written report. Deluxe Package 4 hours
On site visit, house blessing, shopping trip, and follow-up adjustments.
click House Blessing 1-2 hours
Sacred ceremony customized to suit the owner’s chosen spiritual practice.
buy online pharmacy viagra jelly Esoteric Space Clearing 1-2 hours
A metaphysical assessment of property, structures, and circumstances that may be experiencing paranormal imbalances or energy disturbances.For the complete Feng Shui experience, pay fees to the consultant in nine red envelopes, with something of value placed in each envelope. Customary charges for service are $50 per hour with consideration for travel outside of Kalamazoo County.

source link Classes are also available in Feng Shui, Divination, Astrology, and Right Livelihood. For further information see or call 269‑353‑8821.

Mary Grace has been working as an intuitive massage therapist and spiritual consultant since 1995. Her mission is to have fun and to be of service. She brings her understanding of Oriental healing methods and teaching skills into every session.