Jim Puskala “Reconstruction 2020 – What Part do I Play?” + Private Consults!

February 29, 2020 – March 1, 2020 all-day
Unwindings Presents…

“Reconstruction 2020” – What Part do I Play?
Jim Puskala

One our favorite intuitives returns to Kalamazoo to share his insights into the planetary transformation that we are currently experiencing. In addition to private consultations throughout the weekend there will be an open discussion group on Sunday afternoon. The purpose of the 2 hour forum will be to share our varied perspectives on how we are experiencing this period of social and political upheaval in hopes to enlighten each other through our uniqueness.
Sunday Discussion: Sunday, March 1 [1pm-3pm]. Suggested offering $20
Private Consultations: Saturday, Feb. 29 & March 1 [$75/hr]
Reservations requested for Sunday discussion and/or private consults by calling 269-353-8821 or email Mary here

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